Live Wedding Painting | Morgan + Andrew

by Benjamin Keys

Brooklyn Arts Center
Wilmington, North Carolina
24 x 30 in. | Oil on Canvas

Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts Center holds a very special place in our heart.  It was in fact the backdrop for Ben's very first wedding painting, ever created!  It's where Wed on Canvas all began!  Needless to say, we were so thrilled when Morgan's sweet Aunt shared that the couple would be celebrating both their ceremony and reception at the Brooklyn Arts Center.  The live wedding painting was actually commissioned by her Aunt as a complete surprise!  On the night of their rehearsal dinner, the surprise painting was unveiled to Morgan + Andrew.  The timing was actually perfect, and Morgan later shared with me that her Aunt didn't  even know she had been a fan of Wed on Canvas and Ben Keys Art for years!  When she opened the surprise, she immediately recognized BEN KEYS and was absolutely overcome with joy!  This family has become dear to us, and one of the sweetest surprise stories to date!  Here is Morgan and Andrew's finished live wedding painting of their first dance!  

Live Wedding Painting | Brooklyn Arts Center | Wilmington, NC

Live Wedding Painting | Brooklyn Arts Center | Wilmington, NC

Live Wedding Painter, Ben Keys of Wed on Canvas

Live Wedding Painter, Ben Keys of Wed on Canvas


Venue: Brooklyn Arts Center || Photography: KMI Photography || Videography: Green Hope Productions || Planner: Charyl of Social Butterfly Events